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Creative Resume Templates

Each and every detail of your resume represents an opportunity to unconsciously influence your reader. The well-known  adage, "You never get a second chance to make a first impression," is especially applicable to resume layout, design and  personal details.

Our creative resume templates for Microsoft Word and Apple Pages are designed to impress, because first impressions influence later impressions. In fact, if you were given tons of white monotonous resumes and only one visually impressive resume, which one would you bear in your mind?


Why buy our professional resume templates?

Competition for the interview is intense in today's market....You need a marketing tool that lets you STAND OUT above the competition - the other jobseekers. Every time you submit your resume...You are competing on average with at least 100 other candidates! Out of 100 resumes, 10 people may be considered for an interview. Out of 10 people, the top 2 candidates will be granted an interview.You may be qualified but... So are your competitors in the top 10. What gets you into the top 2? Our resume templates do.

Officeresume.com offers you distinct advantages...
We offer unique professional resume styles that will get you noticed. The goal of your professional resume template is to entice the employer to call you for an interview. Our resume styles offer unique layouts and eye-catching designs. Transform your resume into the KILLER resume in just a few minutes!

What makes you different from the next candidate?

In most cases, organizations are interested in choosing only people who can help them fulfill a bottom-line, dollars-andcents mission rather than simply fill a seat. Stop thinking about the problem of keeping up with the competition for a second, and look at what’s in your best interest.

You owe it to yourself to find the job that’s really best for you. You want and deserve the one that will make you the most satisfied, whether that’s one with the highest salary, most appealing location, most interesting tasks, best work-life balance, or anything it is that’s important to you. Our professional resume template for both Microsoft Word and Apple Pages will give you a professional image that matches with the demand of the job you want.

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The Purpose Of The Resume Is To Get You An Interview

An eye-catching creative resume should intrigue employers so much that they want to meet with you. In other words, your resume can open an employer’s door giving you the opportunity to sell yourself.

Our resume templates have a clean and functional theme look. Every detail included in the resume supports that theme and reinforces its impact on the reader. Choose from more than 30 creative resume templates and create a resume that shows your character. Are you currently a student, teacher, or an IT engineer? We've got a template for everybody.

Eye-Catching Layout

Employers have access to candidates like never before because of the development of internet recruiting, the globalization of the workplace, and enhanced use of contract employees and outsourcing. Along with the competition on the Internet, more people are out on the market than previously. You see, employers want to find the right person for the job as badly as you want to find the right job.

Your resume might not get you the job but it can certainly lose it for you. Design matters. Everything you need is a balance a smooth, professional look that's got only enough panache to stand out. All of our creative resume templates for Word and Mac Pages have the free font included, so your template will appear just like in the pictures.

Professional Resume Template You Can Customize in Microsoft Word and Mac Pages!

The most basic, yet perhaps the most essential secret to any successful job search is to believe in yourself and your ability to succeed!

Every person is unique and special in her or his own way, but more significantly, everybody should be given an opportunity to look amazing and compete to the dream position. Give potential employers the information they need in a professional format that makes it easy for them to find what they’re looking for. Our resume templates can do more than just get you in the door for an interview! Use our carefully selected creative resume templates from the best professional resume writers, written and designed for real people with associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees.