Marketing Your Resume

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Marketing your resume is almost as important as the resume itself. To find the job of YOUR choice, you have to be willing to work hard and accept the fact that you have to send a lot of resumes to obtain interviews. Your first step in the process is to select the companies that you are interested in applying to.

For whom do YOU want to work? Do you want to work for one of the top companies on Forbes 100 list? Do you want to work for a company that has the best reputation for hiring and promoting women or that has a good reputation for promoting diversity in their organization? Do you want to work for a company in a particular location? Use your computer and the internet and do some research. Go to a bookstore and look at the business magazines. You’ll find articles, corporate advertisements, and occasionally even jobs being advertised that will give you the leads you need. Look in the employment section of the newspaper; the Sunday paper usually has the most ads. If you want to work in a certain geographic location, call or email the Chamber of Commerce in that city and ask for a listing of their businesses. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you’ll come up with a “top choice" list.


                Most corporate websites have “career opportunities” listed as well. Check it out! If they have a job opening listed that matches your education and/or experience in the location you are seeking, go for it! If they don’t but you are really interested in pursuing opportunities with their company, send them a resume anyway. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Remember, you are seeking out the job of YOUR choice!


A professional resume from, a cover letter, and a reference page are needed to effectively market your skills. Let us produce them for you! Your resume and reference page will remain the same for each company that you apply to; however, your cover letter will need to be revised each time you apply with a new company. We can produce a sample cover letter for you to revise easily.


What are the best methods for sending your resume to prospective employers? If you are replying to an ad, it will usually tell you the way they prefer to receive your resume. If not, here are some choices:

Email, email, email! Email allows you and the recruiter an opportunity to establish a neutral, non-intrusive relationship prior to speaking or meeting. Human Resource personnel also find this the easiest way to forward your resume to the hiring manager or other locations in the company that may have openings for someone with your background skills. It’s also the most immediate way to get your name across their desk!

Faxing your resume is convenient and quick but sometimes comes through grainy and illegible. Always follow up with a hard copy of your resume in the mail.

Postal service or Express mail service. The advantage here is that you deliver a clean, professional-looking resume, which will score you some points in a timely manner. If you emailed or faxed your resume, you should send a copy through the mail as well.

Other methods for marketing your resume include employment websites, employment agencies, campus job fairs, and career fairs.


Campus Job Fairs - If you are still in college and looking for a summer internship, co-op position, or full-time position upon graduation, campus job fairs are a must for you to attend. Make at least 50 copies of your resume on professional paper and go prepared to “tell your story” many times. Seek out the employers you are most interested in and visit their booths first. If they don’t have any openings for your degree type, don’t feel compelled to leave a resume with them. After all, you have to save your resumes for the employers that have openings in your field. Dress appropriately and speak with confidence!


Career Fairs – These fairs are much like the campus job fairs in the way they are administered, but are held independent of the university. If you are interested in relocating to a certain city, call their Visitors and Conventions Center and ask if a career fair is being hosted in the near future. These are usually only conducted in the larger cities around the USA. The real advantages to attending these fairs are that they are free (employers pay to attend), and only employers with jobs are usually there. Every employer will be looking for candidates to hire. These fairs are more formal in nature than the campus job fairs so dress your best.


Employment websites – There are many employment websites listed on the internet, but some of the most popular ones are,,,, and You post your resume on the site, sometimes for a fee, and employers pay to search the sites for candidates with certain skills. If your resume comes up in their keyword search, they call you and the process begins. Employment websites also post jobs for employers. You have the ability to search job postings by entering certain criteria; a list of jobs will pop up for you to view and directly apply. Many employers are using these job boards because they are relatively inexpensive, their ads get posted immediately, and they stay active for approximately 30 days.


Employment agencies – Agencies can be a very useful resource to you.  Employment agencies know of jobs and they are in search of good candidates.  All you do is supply a professional resume to them and they market your resume.  Costs are typically assumed by the hiring company. Dan Temps, Inc. is our preferred employment agency.


Remember, it took you many hours of hard work to obtain the skills and knowledge that have prepared you for the job of YOUR choice! Don’t ease up at this point—it will pay big rewards when you are offered the job of YOUR choice and you begin your new career. Good Luck!


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