The 7 Steps to Getting the Job You Want

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1. Know where and how to look for job openings. Because about 3 from 4

job openings are not advertised online or elsewhere, you should
learn and use job search methods that aid you in finding these unadvertised
jobs. Some job search methods work better than others also, because few
people have had any formal training in searching for a job, many people
believe this info is quite helpful.


2. Improve your interviewing skills. Even minor improvements in your
interviewing skills can make a huge difference in whether you get an offer
over someone else. You can quickly find enough to make a difference in
that most critical area of your search. As an instance, if you would like the job,
tell the company you do and why he or she should hire you.


3. Possessing a clear job objective. If you don't understand where you want to go, then it will
be most difficult to get there. Take some time to clarify what you would like to do
with your career and your life, and your job search will be a lot more effective.


4. Follow up on all contacts. Only sending thank-you notes and e-mail to the
those who help you on your job hunt can make a difference in if
you get job prospects. And after up with a possible employer is just one of the
items that will make a difference in obtaining a job offer others.


5. Spend at least 20 hours a week searching. Many job seekers spend far less
than this and, consequently, are unemployed longer than they need to be.
Organize your job search as if it was a fulltime occupation, and you will be prone to
get work in much less time compared to the average.


6. Know your skills. If you don't know what you are good at, how can expect anyone else to figure it out?‚Äč One survey of employers found that
roughly 80 percent of the people they interview did not do a fantastic job of presenting
the skills they needed to do the job. The 20 percent that failed exhibit their
skills well were those most likely to be hired.


7. Get two interviews every day. This seems impossible to perform however it may be achieved
as soon as you reevaluate what counts as an interview.

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