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Why You Need to Deliver an Impressive College Resume?

So, you’re all done with your academic life and it’s the time to get into the professional life. There are many things that are changed now and you need to adapt yourself to the new professional environment. Gone are the days of college fun and now it is the time to take on the hard responsibilities of life. The very first thing that you would be looking for is your job. Everyone wants to establish him or her as soon as possible in the professional life.

While you are studying, you must have heard that there are numerous jobs waiting for you. There would be queued employers looking to win in hiring you. You must be very optimist in getting your job in the very first attempt. Moreover, you would have a great demand in respect of the industry. But gone are those days now as this is the time of competition. You would have to fight for the job with your competence and skills. You would be required to submit your resume first and that’s the main thing we are aiming at. While you are going to submit your first college resume, you would have to work it out in such a way that it could win the race. There would be great numbers of competitors who would have experience and qualification both more than you have.

Tips to Write a Good College Resume


What should be done in order to design your student CV now that you increase the chances of selection by the employer? Here are some of the tips that should be followed while developing your resume:

  • First of all, you need to make your resume look impressive as well as interesting to the employer. This can easily be done by following a standard format and using concise as well as precise template.

  • As you are very fresh and there are chances that you won’t have any professional experience but you would have a fresh degree, so you should present your qualification first of all and in the very front of the resume after your lucrative objectives.

  • If you have achieved any honors and rewards, you should list them all. This would create a great impression on the employer.

  • If you have a part time experience in any entity, list it down as well. Moreover, any experience gained through classes and internship should also be furnished.

  • You should also include insight into your hobbies and extracurricular achievements in order to show your social behavior as well.

  • Whatever skills that are relevant to the job applied for should be included.


Writing Tips - #003, Keep Your Resume Honest

Many people lie on their resumes and state credentials which they don’t have, hoping that nobody will find out. Many companies now verify this info, sometimes long after a person is hired.

There were many high-profile scenarios of people losing their jobs and careers over such lies, including the dean of admissions at MIT. Therefore never lie on your resume/cover letter. But that doesn’t imply that you have to provide negative information! Be sure that everything you put in your resume/cover letter is positive and supports your job objective in some direct way. If you actually can do the job you are currently seeking, somebody will hire you. You'll sleep better, too.


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