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A creative and professionally challenging job asks for a creative resume. What does that mean in fact? You must have wondered with the use of different terms in respect of the quality of resume to be submitted with the prospective employer. There are many jobs that do not need something new to be done but a few jobs are there that really need you be unique and creative. These types of jobs recall for the resume templates that are creative and the very first impression they must deliver is the creativeness. Creativity and creativeness are interrelated here and you should be all set for getting both of these qualities targeted within your resume that could sound creative to the person having a sneak peak of it.

Elements of Writing a Creative CV

Writing a resume is really a very simple job but writing a creative one really asks for the competence and professionalism. Most of us are really reluctant while building our resumess just because we don’t know how to do the same. In the same way, there are many people who look for professional resume writing services in order to get a good and customized resume. Here are some of the elements when incorporated into a resume make it a creative one. Do take a look at them and make it happen for you!

  • Write your resume in Native English and don’t assign someone who is not aware of Native English! Depending on the geography and the employer, use British or American English.

  • Don’t make your resume too short or too long.

  • Build your resume to look precise, to the point and correct and in all respects.

  • Never forget to proofread and edit your CV once it’s done.

  • In a professional resume, you should not use your photo unless it is a requirement from the employer. The use of a photo depends on the nature of the job. Moreover, the photo used should adhere to the professional standards of that prospective job applied for.

  • There are many guys who write CV, Curriculum Vitae or Resume on the top of the CV, don’t ever use it as it doesn’t make a good sense.

  • It is suggested that you write down a summery about you and your objectives of life at the top of the resume.

  • Use Action and impression words instead of bragging and fluffy words.


Writing Tips - #004, White Space and Bullet Points

One of the best strategies to create your resume/cover letter readable and attractive is by using white space—space without type. Split up blocks of text, including white space with bulleted text, and use healthy margins and indents. White space gives viewers some slack and helps them quickly scan the page for key points.

Bullet points of many shapes are typical in resumes. When not used on every line, they’re a good way to make achievements or anything else you need to highlight, jump out at the reader. We usually indent after each bullet. Most office software gives you a wide choice of arrows, large circles, diamonds or containers to choose from. Another method of adding whitespace, used in nearly every resume, is to indent each paragraph following the appropriate heading (for example experience, employment and so on). We prefer an indent of 1.5 to 2" from the left margin.

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