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A lot of people believe that a good resume will get them a job. This is a mistake. It is unusual in today's market to find a company who hires anyone solely on what they have read in their resume. Employers want to check you out personally – face to face before they hire you. They want you to validate your resume, and see if you have the character they are searching for. This obviously, requires an interview. It is, in fact, the interview that eventually gets you the job. But it is the resume that gets you the interview ! In today's market where lots of companies use resume tracking software, where a computer system selects your resume based upon keyword, you must be extra careful to fill your resume up with advantages. You not just need to impress the employer, today you must impress his computer system as well. The purpose of any resume is just to get you an interview. How often have you thought, " If just I had met with the employer personally, I could have convinced him that I was the best person for the job! " Your only opportunity is to make up an outstanding resume, one that will get noticed and get you in the door so you can meet the employer personally and get the job.

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MS Office Resume Templates

  If you don’t want to deal with those advanced vector programs ..

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Optimal Resume

Business Printable Resume Template, Word and Pages, A4 US Letter, No. 022 ..

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Professional Resume

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Resume Template Download

CV Template for MS Word and Mac Pages, Creative Design, No. 018 ..

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Simple Resume Format in Word

Minimalist Professional Resume, CV Design with Photo, No. 020 ..

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